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    Castles and Monuments
    Castles are historic heights-places, they allow to dive back into the universe of the Lords who lived there. Some of these monuments, as fortresses, symbol of power and power, are often marked by the wars of the Middle Ages. Others, as the castles of sailing are much more stylized and testify of the refinement of the Renaissance.
6 dans le Calvados.
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picture of Château Guillaume-le-Conquérant
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Castle, Fort in Falaise

Château Guillaume-le-Conquérant

Mme Charlotte LAPICHE Château Guillaume-le-Conquérant 14700 Falaise (Calvados)
Phone : 02 31 41 61 44
The Château Guillaume-le-Conquérant is located 30km South of Falaise and overlooks the city.
William the Conqueror was born in Falaise (1027 or 1028) and the castle, as the cradle of the ...

Castle, Fort in Longues-sur-Mer

Visites guidées de la batterie allemande de Longues-sur-Mer

Office de tourisme de Longues-sur-Mer Site de la batterie 14400 Longues-sur-Mer (Calvados)
Phone : 02 31 21 46 87  - Fax : 02 31 51 28 29
picture of Château de Fontaine-Henry
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Castle, Fort in Fontaine-Henry

Château de Fontaine-Henry

Mr d'Oilliamson 3 place du château - 14610 Fontaine-Henry 14610 Fontaine-Henry (Calvados)
Phone : 02 31 26 93 67
"A castle of the Loire lost in Normandy", "The highest roofs of France", ... The castle has a lot of reviews. It has never been sold for 8 centuries, and the heir is still living inside. The ...
picture of Musée et Jardins du Château de Vendeuvre
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Castle, Fort in Vendeuvre

Musée et Jardins du Château de Vendeuvre

Alexandre de Vendeuvre Château de Vendeuvre 14170 Vendeuvre (Calvados)
Phone : 02 31 40 93 83  - Fax : 02 31 40 11 11
Vendeuvre, one's of the normandy jewels, in the museum, the first collection in the world of miniature furniture, in the chateau, the way of life at the 18th century, kitchens, dog kennels collection, ...

Castle, Fort in Crèvecœur-en-Auge

Château de Crèvecoeur

Château de Crèvecoeur D 613 14340 CrèvecÅ“ur-en-Auge (Calvados)
Phone : 02 31 63 02 45  - Fax : 02 31 63 05 96
A unique example of a small French castle that has been miraculously preserved, Crèvecœur has survived to this day, practically intact.

The inner bailey is protected by the moat, the motte and ...
picture of Parc et Jardins Château de Lantheuil
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Castle, Fort in Lantheuil

Parc et Jardins Château de Lantheuil

Alexandre Durandy de Naurois-Turgot Château de Lantheuil 14480 Lantheuil (Calvados)
Phone : +3 36 85 60 18 87
The Château de Lantheuil’s estate is situated in Normandy in the Bessin region; a magnificent wooded valley halfway between Caen and Bayeux. As the only sizable woodland between the forest of ...
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